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Living Higher Conssciousness

Beloved Ones,

It is my joy to invite you into a journey of Living Higher Consciousness together with me and our family of Light. A journey into embodiment of the New Earth templates and Your Divine Presence. Returning to Divine Presence, as God/dess expressing from within, is the highest aspect of You. When we embody our Divine Presence we can Evolve Consciousness together.


We are all entering a totally new chapter in our lives and this shift in consciousness has never happened before in this way. This shift is demanding that we follow our souls calling, and truly live ones highest calling and purpose in ever higher and more powerful ways.


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The New Leadership

"The New Leadership has no leader other than One. The only accountable leader is Love itself. You will be brought down, teared down until you surrender to this true humble and compassionate heart and align into divine will. It is time to let go of all mental concepts, all strategies, all survival kits and start to trust. Trust that when you are surrendering into your pure, naked sacred heart, you will be blessed beyond measures, and beyond"

- Camilla Åkerström


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"To walk with Camilla and the sisters of the Rose is beyond every teaching and path I have experienced in this lifetime. I get to explore and move trough more layers, limitations and dimensions of me then I knew existed in a supported loving, powerful, feminine, playful and soft way so that I can step in to my full potential and purpose and the full YES to life, love and creation"


- Ingrid Hermansson

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