There is a cry for new leadership echoing around the world and within the universe. A leadership of the new era that changes the world. We are right now at the very beginning stage of the most important decade we will ever have lived so far in our life.

We are all called into a new leadership of world service. We have been prepared for eons, to embody our higher mission and to bring this into action and manifestation in world service. We are all the creators of the new era. 

I am inviting you into your next level, not only to follow your highest calling, but also fulfill it in ease and grace. I am inviting you to explore the boundless potentials of your divine calling and discover your own brilliance. I am inviting you into magnificent new soulful leadership.

In Love and Grace
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"The New Leadership has no leader other than the One. The only accountable leader is Love itself. You will be brought down, teared down until you surrender to this true humble and compassionate heart and align into divine will. It is time to let go of all mental concepts, all strategies, all survival kits and start to trust. Trust that when you are surrendering into your pure, naked sacred heart, you will be blessed beyond measures, and beyond"


- Camilla Ma Ra

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So much is happening in this NOW moment, and I am honored to walk alongside you as we co-create the New Earth. 

We are all entering a totally new chapter in our lives and this shift in consciousness has never happened before in this way. This shift is demanding that we follow our souls calling, and truly live ones highest calling and purpose in ever higher and more powerful ways. 

I am here to support YOU that KNOW you have so much more to give and are committed to your souls growth, and desiring guidance and support to fulfill a life in full Divine Service of World Service.


  • Voice of the North Community
    A community for you that are called to anchor Unity Consciousness coming together as ONE and forming a network of unity, activation and expansion.
  • Be the Doula for a New Earth - 1 day live event
    Coming up!
    Mandala Kollektivet, Norrköping, Sweden
    ”Be the Doula for a New Earth” vänder sig till Dig som känner att Du är redo att kliva in än djupare på vägen och assistera i detta skifte, tillsammans med andra, i samklang med naturen och universum. Att säga JA, fullt ut till att vara här på jorden och aktivera dina skapar koder.
  • Beyond the Beyond - 6 months Leadership program of the New Era
    Welcome to walk hand in hand with me and divine masters into deeper World Service and join this exclusive leadership program of the new era to be part of something that changes the world.
  • Youtube Channel by Camilla Ma Ra
    Living Higher Consciousness - Join Camilla Ma Ra for FREE meditations, transmissions, talks and exersices for deeper embodiment.
  • The Next Level Membership
    Coming soon!
    To assist you in going deeper into your spiritual practice, coming into divine alignment and open for divine partnership.
  • RISE - 7-week Online Soul Immersion
    08 Aug, 20:00 – 25 Sept, 20:00
    RISE into the Next Level & Beyond! Welcome to join Camilla Ma Ra and friends in a magnificent 7-week immersion that re-codes your energetic fundament that activates accelerated growth on the path of awakening and life mastery.
  • Gateway of Divine Homecoming Retreat
    02 Aug, 12:00 CEST – 06 Aug, 12:00 CEST
    Heart of the North Sanctuary, Finspång, Sweden
    This Invitation to an exquisite retreat is offered as a deep 5 day soul immersion through the Gateway of Divine Homecoming at the Heart of the North Sanctuary, Sweden. This is a journey of deep HOME-coming and restoration of Your Divine Blueprint. Your true nature is the radiance of living light.
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"Camilla is a true way shower by her presence, holding a loving space. The support she
gives is in such a soft, feminine, playful, yet so powerful way, giving me a real example of how
to live your spirituality to the fullest."


- Suddi

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"Camillas space was somewhat of a revelation for me the first time I experienced it. So soft, loving and utterly safe. During all the time I have spent with Camilla, I have never once felt judged. She is holding a very loving space, as it feels like her natural state. The pureness of
the space, intentions and the work feels absolute to me."


- Anders

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"Camilla has my full trust. She instills a strong confidence and radiates an enormous security and awareness. So grateful! Her space I experience as pure and true and she meets everyone in compassion and love."

- Anna