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Camilla Ma Ra is devoted to anchor Divine Love on the Planet and to anchor the new teachings of the Divine Mother to assist humanity and Gaia through these times of great change.

A Gatekeeper of the North

The New Earth is born/birthed from within every man and woman. Camilla help men and women to bring forth a new way of living within the new earth into their everyday life and co-create a new reality. She is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure, warm, loving and sacred space where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth.


To merge into their pure living soul on every level in their life, so the fundament in life is coming from joy, pure passion, ease, grace and deep love.

Camilla lives in Sweden with her two children. She is a gatekeeper of the North, one of the Cosmic Mothers, a code holder of the White Flame and walking the Pathless Path in service to the One, Gaia and Humanity. She offers one-to-one sessions, circles, activations/ transmissions, retreats, programs, sacred journeys on-line trainings and deep soul journeys as a conduit of Divine Mother Source energy. She assist women and men to return to Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where God/dess express from within, as the deepest aspects of our Self.


When we embody our Divine Presence we can Evolve Consciousness together.


To walk the Path of Love is a soul journey deep into the embodiment of our souls greater light and living higher consciousness. Camilla sees all this work as the gifts that we gave our selves when we volunteered to pave the way for the New Children. Camilla Ma Ra offers you a way to come home to YOU, to your soul and to Divine Love.


In Love and Devotion

Camilla Ma Ra