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These meditations, activations and transmissions give great support to your spiritual awakening, deeper embodiment and consciousness shift. The purpose of these spiritual meditations, activations and transmissions is to help you authentically embody, integrate and raise your vibration and frequency to live higher consciousness.

These activations & transmissions are to all who will resonate with them. They are Light Encoded Frequency Activations that will deeper activate what is already encoded and lyes dormant within your DNA.

This for the moments of assisting you in your awakening and ascension process, into deeper embodiment and expanded awareness in your accelerating Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Evolution.

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8 transmissions, activations & meditations

A collection that will help you merging into Your Divine Presence, coming into a relaxed state of deep presence, merged into One Unified Heart. You will be guided into presence and alignment with your self and soul, into your own sovereign space. Into a place where you remember that you are love and a divine flame of unconditional love.



35 transmissions, activations & meditations

The encoded light and frequencies in these activations are ”higher frequencies” than our human aspect/physical body, that can make you sleepy, feeling of a ”need to shut down” or travel/expand through your consciousness. The more you listen, the more you expand and activate. Honor it all and everything. 



8 transmissions, activations & meditations

A collection that will help you obtain inner love, bliss and joy. The inner Light is also the first step in consciousness awakening. The awakening of light happens when you can move deeper beyond the floating layers of the mind. As your inner light is expanding you begin to experience yourself from your Higher Self.  




7 transmissions, activations & meditations

A collection that will help you connect with and embody your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in the physical body. Anchoring the wisdom of the Higher Self into your physicality is very much a part of our human spiritual evolution and purpose.


How do I receive the Activation?

In each collection you choose an activation or bundle of activations that you feel can support your journey in this moment. Some of them are for free as a free gift of Love. When you have purchased your activation you will instantly be able to Download a pdf with a link providing all the information needed to receive the activation. An audiofile encoded with light and frequencies will guide you thru the activation or meditation. You can re-listen as often as you like. If you need more guidance - please contact me.

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