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This training is more than a training,
it is a way of living.

Initiation into Living Higher Consciousness

It is my joy to invite you into trainings of Initiation into Living Higher Consciousness, together with me and our family of the Light. The trainings vary in length, and all supports the next level of upgrades and expanding awareness into deeper planetary service. This training is more than a training, it is a way of living.


A journey for you that have come to explore how to selflessly serve from the depth of humility assisting others to awaken consciousnessYou enter this path in deep gratitude, devotion and committment.


The courses, programs and trainings are REAL and assist you into your Divine Embodiment and self-realization of your Greater YOU.

To Live from a different Reality

In every course, program and training you will receive activations and energy transmissions that are the fundament. These activations give great support to raise your consciousness, expand awareness and re-program old programming that runs through you. These activations are sessions of remote energy transference will assist you in your ascending vibration. The courses, programs & trainings will give you masterful training in many aspects of your evolving Self. You are now being trained to live from a totally different reality in every aspect of your life. This is why you are here.