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444 Gateway - Global Reset - Portal of Grace and Freedom - FREE

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444 Gateway - Global Reset - Portal of Grace and Freedom - FREE

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In your own time
In your own place

Welcome Beloveds

In this transmission you got an opportunity to activate your inner Freedom Codes and integrate the new templates of the new earth and our 5D Heart. It is our souls mission to radiate LOVE around the world as we now anchor in the 5D New Earth. We are joining together in unity and love. 2020 is the year of living higher consciousness and the upgrading into the new human. The 444 Gateway give you a total new look of Life. The powerful 444 Gateway is of big important in these times of the Global shift in consciousness. It is a strong planetary alignment that makes very strong energies on earth. We are heading a Global Reset. Many light workers are working with the grids of Gaia to anchor the light and the new positive timelines. It is important we all come together. You make a difference.

This is an important transmission to be in service of the earth, and to bring down the new light and anchor it on Gaia. To help all the light workers and light forces anchoring the light.

In Love 


  • Inner Love Goddess Meditation