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7 - chakra

These activations/transmissions allows you to experience higher states of awareness and consciousness. You are activating your body of light through your expanding awareness.
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7 - chakra

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In your own time
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Welcome Beloveds

Deepening into Your Heart is a powerful meditation for you empower your magnificence. You will deepen into the Truths of your heart. Layer by layer that is melting away.   

This meditation will help you to explore the deepening journey into surrender,  truth  and unconditional love. When you anchor yourself deeper within your sacred Heart you embody and live more love. In the energy of unconditional love we can embrace everything and all. There is no need to fix anything. We will go beyond our personal stories and embrace and release all that is not serving us anymore.  It is a powerful activation for you to remember who you are.  

The more we let go, the more light we can let in. The more light we let in, the higher our vibration become. When we not only let light in, we also hold the light and the light absorbs you, your higher self over-rides your human self, and you raise your frequency.

Having an open heart is the key to creating the life you want and deserve to live. Opening and expanding your sacred heart is the missing link to your connection to the Cosmic Heart and your enhanced ability to stay in truth and to create and manifest abundance.

You do this meditation as often you want, and every time another layer is melting away.    

Meditation is 37 minutes long, guided by Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström   

In Love