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Advanced Higher Healing Sessions

Advanced Higher Healing Sessions

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Private Zoom or White Rose Goddes Temple

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Advanced Higher Healing Sessions

Advanced One-On-One: Higher Healing Session - 1,5 hour

If you want to work deeper together with me - in a safe space and in 1-2-1 session - with sexual healing and to dissolve distorted feminine sexuality, reversed kundalini serpent, false planetary Caduceus, false Hieros Gamos and reversed energies from false lunar chains and forces.

In this 1-2-1 transmission we are removing distortions of the feminine sexuality, the reversed kundalini serpent, the false Hieros Gamos implants and reverse energies from the false lunar chains, and the false planetary Caduceus - that is feeding reversals, distorted sexual energy and lunar forces. This transmission also includes false Violet Flame reversal energies, and ALL reversed sexual, shakti and kundalini energy. Everything to be returned back to its right owner.

The transmission includes a restoration of your feminine soul and energy, and a realignment of all your body parts, genetics, entire DNA template and consciousness signature. This transmission is specially important for you that feels your Priestess Self, and that know you have soul experience as Priestess in ancient times and/or in ancient mystery schools or have past life experience within the Essene and Cathar timelines, and within Isis, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene lineages.


Sessions are in Private Zoom-Room or in White Rose GoddessTemple, Ingarö, Sweden.


Advanced Higher Healing Sessions: 1 session a´ 1-1,5 hour a´ 333 euro

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