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Awakening to the New Earth 5D Template - FREE

A powerful activation for you to receive the New Earth codes of the new 5D Consciousness and merge into divine love and to reclaim yourself as a divine sovereign being.
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Awakening to the New Earth 5D Template - FREE

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In your own time
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Welcome Beloveds

We are in a intense shift of humanity and the planet. Thousands of starseeds are awakening across the planet right now, re-membering and coming out of the closet and joining their sisters and brothers that are already in service for our ongoing ascension process. This is an important time where we re-connect with our origin as starseeds and our beloved Soulstar family. We have come here together, to be in service and assist in the ascension process of the earth and humanity. Many starseeds have difficulty to really step fully into service, and to live from a place of trust, shining their light and walking their souls path. Now is the time to step up. It is a calling to Say YES, to step beyond the judgements, the little self, the feeling of fear or unworthiness and to step fully onto your ascension path and the Path of Love. Before you incarnated here on earth you volunteered to do so, you said YES to step down from One-Unified-Heart to enter this physical reality, and to learn love, to explore life on earth, to love and make love and be in service of Gaia and humanity. This journey will help you to re-member your mission, your gifts and your greatest passion. Now is the time to re-birth the Real You!

Through this transmission our lightbodies, cellular bodies and our body templates are being "realigned" through electromagnetics and "new codes" housed in our dormant DNA and our whole body is waking up to come into alignment with your souls vibration, your unique Ascension Process and the New Earth Templates. It is here in this zero-zone where the physical and spiritual meet, unite and merge into one. In this zero-point - in this NOW moment - you can let go of all old karma, false beliefs, programming, masks, ancestral wounding, identities etc. The universe is calling for authenticity, and now is the moment you can choose to step up. All of these new activations of Divine Love in the New Earth is to help you to come into a place of unconditional love and self-love, so that you do not need to seek and look outside of you anymore, to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity. This activation will help you tune into the new 5D Earth Templates of the New Time, to embody your body deeper into your feminine and masculine soul here on earth. You will be attuned to your whole self and the knowing that you are an aspect of Source Consciousness and experience this through your physical body. You will receive and align ourselves to the highest frequences of Divine Love, that you can attune to at this time.  All these codes, upgradings, keys and frequencies will work in different dimensions of your multidimensional self as you walk the Path of Love. We will enter in and activate your Merkabic field so that you can come in alignment with your body, heart, womb/hara and soul to Unity Concsiousness and One-Unified-Heart. You will open to, activate and receive the golden light of Divine Love energy that will awaken Divine Love within you and activate higher frequencies to access the New Earth realm of 5D ,6D & 7D Earth. From this place you open your remembering and knowing that you are love and a co-creator of “the Big Dream”. You will enter the Cosmic Stargate Completion portal and recalibrate the whole of you to your original blueprint and oneness.

In Love 


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