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Manifest your Highest reality for the Aquarian Age - Replay Workshop & Transmission - Part 1

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Manifest your Highest reality for the Aquarian Age - Replay Workshop & Transmission - Part 1

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Welcome Beloveds

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We are moving out of the Gateway of the quantum shift in Consciousness and are aligning into the New Earth frequency of Grace. Many light workers are now working with the grids of Gaia to anchor the new light and the new christ consciousness grid.

We are slowly entering the period of the Activation & Ascension of the Divine Human. There is still work to be done and action to take, in order to crystallize this new timeline for the Golden Age. Never before have so many Lightworkers and Wayshowers being called to spiritual service, in different ways.

It is now time to step fully into the Aquarian Age, and say goodbye to your ”old” version of you, to anchor your unique new blueprint, and start to live from the

highest potential version of you.

Camilla Ma Ra is now offering this workshop including atransmission to stabilize and harmonize the new consciousness within and coming into alignment with the souls purpose, so you can live from the highest potential version of you and from that place deepen into spiritual service and manifest your Highest reality for the Aquarian Age 

During this workshop we will give deep gratitude for 2020 and complete this life spiral. We will clear and release any residues and remains of reverse energies, old programmings, karmic issues, ancestral woundings, and other blockings that may have impaired our optimum light body function, and our soul embodiment potentials in this life and others. We will restore all our body parts, genetics, light body, entire dna template and conscious signature to its original blueprint within Beloved God of eternal light and to return balanced energy flow of which is the highest expression for my being at this time.

During this workshop we will receive a transmission to harmonize your own frequency signature of our Highest Potential, so that we come into alignment with the New Earth energies, the frequency of Grace and our Wholeness in Unity. We will from this new place set our New Intentions of the New Aquarian Age and co-create the new 2021 and plant our received new seeds for this era to come

 We are joining together in unity and love. 2021 is the year of Activating and Manifesting the Divine Human on earth and living our highest potential consciousness signature. 

The workshop is in alignment with the 11:11 Gateway, that is of big important in these times of the Global shift in Consciousness. It is the time to set our intentions for 2021 and plant the New Seeds, within the New Earth christ-consciousness Grid of Divine Love.

This event was sent live in a zoom call, and a replay will be sent to you after Signing up. The replay is as powerful as the live event - so don’t worry if you miss the set time.

Bring paper and colorful pens to this workshop!

Welcome beloved soul!

Thank you for joining me on this special journey into the Golden Age and new Age of Aquarius. We are all transitioning together.

 In Love and Devotion <3 Camilla 

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