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Welcome beloveds to enjoy and receive Great Support for spiritual awakening, deeper embodiment and consciousness shift. These potent and powerful meditations and activations you can receive as a streamable file, that you can access and tune into at any time or you can stream directly via Youtube.

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Entering Timelessness Transmission

Welcome to join this beautiful co-created quantum field of divine love as we enter into timelessness and anchor in Presence.

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Building Light Quotient

Welcome to integrate greater frequencies of living light into your cells, your mind and your entire energy field ~ so that you may expand into the fullness of your soul.

GATEWAY OF COMPLETION - a transmission to bring all into completion

GATEWAY OF COMPLETION - a transmission to bring all into completion

VOICE OF THE NORTH SESSION WITH CAMILLA MA RA Camilla is one of the ancient mothers that once seeded this planet. In this session Camilla shares the wisdom of the ancient land of the thousand suns, an era of unity and harmony. This was a time of oneness where the communication where through the heart. This was before the first split in consciousness. Camilla will also share a little about the Great Fall of the North, where part of the Divine Mother consciousness was taken away from Earth and its effects. This session also includes the very potent and powerful transmission - the Great Gateway of Completion - a deep clearing to come into divine alignment, to bring all into completion and beyond. Welcome! Beloved Ones, We are returning back to our true origin and into the arms of our cosmic parents, as the eternal light that we are. Welcome to share space together with me and receive this powerful transmission - the Great Gateway of Completion". This transmission came through at the shore in Bleik, where we were doing gridwork and restored the timeline for the Great fall of the North. All is shifting on the inner, in between and outer planes in this moment. There is no past, present or future, only this NOW moment. All open timelines exists in this NOW moment. Everything you hold from any open timeline are active and playing out in this NOW. In some of those open timelines we may have had trauma or events that are active and playing out in the Now. Some of these traumas are from our fallen history. These open timelines can cause ones looping in pain, suffering and lower vibrations or old traumas. As all timelines exists in this Now moment we more easy can clear, heal and release these traumas and events for all to come into completion. I am so grateful of ALL coming into Completion in this Now. This year have been all about coming into completion. It has been overwhelming at times, and now my body is integrating the huge clearing and consciousness shift. Everything is melting and merging with everything that was ever taken away from our consciousness, as we now are being given it all back. This powerful transmission "the Great Gateway of Completion" came through in Bleik, Norway, where we were doing gridwork and restored the timeline for the Great fall of the North. This recording is from Voice in the North gathering 20th December 2021, and encoded with all clearing, healing and light codes. The Transmission is beyond time and space. This was shared in the Gathering after this transmission: "Thank you. Thank you for this massive, huge and deep work. Thank you for bringing everything in to completion. Thank you for all the activations of the Staff & Rodd Codes. Thank you for the restoration of the Royal Bloodline in its fullness. Thank you for wiping out this programming from our existence. Thank you for reuniting the Kings and Queens. Thank you original Dragon Twins for returning and for holding the codes for so so long. Thank you for now activating Fully the Twinflame within the souls and soul groups. Thank you Christos Sophia. Thank you Beloved Mother Father God for your Union to make all this possible in this moment. This was the work that i felt in the transmission, and that we are part of anchoring deeper. Deeply anchored in my own field and my protection field, holding space and letting all these codes stream through. This consciousness is beyond and it touches me deeply in my core. This is also within my soul contract and my soul groups contract, that was now fully activated. And from the Original Crystal of Eternal Life everything has been restored in to Divine Order. It is Done. And the Tribes have now gathered, We are here. I love you all so very deeply. Thank you from my heart and soul". -Elli Right now so much swirling around. Huge clearance of the Galactic history, and the Fall of the North ones and for all,, everything is really here and we have cleansed and released so much and it is just to continue to work and correct all the reversals, everything is possible and reachable now, I felt the Forgiveness to everyone and to myself. Felt very soft nothing to hang onto. During the activation all the lightchannels purified and through this immense clearing that felt so new and high, so beautiful remembrance could be birthed. So humbled and grateful from everything unfolding, almost unbelievable and beyond words, mermaid codes, codes from the golden shining ones, all coming through the crystalline ice and the golden door to Eden open and the Sacred union of the golden masculine and golden feminine. I felt the enormous light in so many unified strands anchoring into Beloved Earth Mother she , all the opened coding, golden pearl Eggs...Thank you beloved Mother Father God, beloved sisters and brothers, beloved Souls coming together making this possible. Huge, huge Divine Work Infinite gratitude Shared with so much Love Birgitta In Love and grace Camilla Ma Ra