Her Great Awakening

The Restored Divine Feminine 

A 5-week deep Initiation Journey

Starts 1/6 2021

We are now transitioning directly into the Light, and the true essence and frequency of the Goddess. 

This course is more than a course it is a way of living.  

A journey for devoted women who are truly ready to Shine their Greatest Light. 


Beloved Ones 

The true feminine wisdom is available for us now as the awakened wisdom of the Sophia Feminine Christ Consciousness and the template of the Restored Divine Feminine are completely anchored. 


We are now walking through a gateway of Feminine Transcendence and Feminine Transfiguration - and come in alignment with the Universal Creation, the Cosmic Heart, that is held within the Heart of the Goddess.  


This 5-week course is holding the new Divine Feminine principals of the Godhead itself. The Power of all Creative intelligence is held in the Heart of the Goddess and born from the forces of Pure Love.  


A new awareness is coming through to open your next expression into the world. Now the truth is revealed and guiding us into a whole new reality and into our Divine Feminine Sovereignty. 

What Others say:

"To have Camilla as a guide when I tried to find answers outside of myself is an extraordinary experience for me. I have been in Camillas circle and the sisters of the Rose since a year back, and I'm so grateful for that. It was when I first met her I could start moving through the blockages, the layers and the limitations for real. Camilla is a true way shower by her presence, holding a loving space, the support she give is in such a soft, feminine, playful, yet so powerful is giving me a real example how to live your spirituality to the fullest." - Sudarat Kotmatcha

"I cannot tell you how thankful I feel for this work. It feels like Source guided me to reach out to you and open up to these teachings! It is the teaching we need for this time in order to embody the process of Ascension. First of all, I was guided to find out and work with the activation of staff codes, this is why I decided to do this course without knowing what staff codes were, it re-ignited my re-membrance of being the keeper of the flame, a female Melchizedek. Time collapsed and I had a clear vision of all of it. The germination of all this wisdom was already here, but not as clearly as now! Thank you from the deepest sinews of my being. There is a powerful feeling of embodiment present now, a connection, a clear, powerful flow of life-force energy and a much more embodied Kundalini flow. Wow... " - E. J.

Her Great Awakening

The Restored Divine Feminine


WEEK 1 - THE GODDESS GATEWAY - OPENING OUR TEMPLE AND CIRCLE WITH A JOURNEY IN AND THROUGH the Goddess Gateway which is accessed within your own heart center. This Gateway is the main access gateway to all of the higher dimensions and dimensional frequencies. As you integrate and heal your wounded feminine energies, your heart chakra will expand into the Heart of the Goddess. 

WEEK 2 - THE RESTORED DIVINE MOTHER - re-connecting with the true Divine Mother, activating the new divine mother codes, heal the split of the mother consciousness, healing wounded sisterhood & our own mother wounds. This healing can only be done by a greater understanding of the effects, and that it was aimed to divide and separate, turn sisters against each other into a consciousness of the ”wounded sisterhood”, and the ”wounded healer/wounded warrioress”.  

WEEK 3 - MARY MAGDALENA’S SONG OF THE COSMIC ROSE – receive the new light codes that are the new teachings of the new Golden Age – and comes directly from the fully anchored Sophia Magdalena Consciousness. Her song is the codes of the New Blueprint of our New World where we live in peace and love. 


WEEK 4 - PURIFYING YOUR SACRED FEMININE SEXUALITY - heal the distorted feminine sexuality and activate your pure Shakti Kundalini Energy. The pure feminine embodiment and ascension is through Her pure sexual energy. As goddesses and the vessels of the Divine Feminine we are here to re-store the divine feminine in her fullness. We do this by purify our sexual energy. We allow our distorted sexual energy to slowly purify and transfigure into love.


WEEK 5 - THE CELESTIAL ROSE ACTIVATION – MERGE INTO THE NEW DIVINE FEMININE CONSCIOUSNESS - We are now transitioning directly into the Light, and the true essence and frequency of the Goddess. 

We are entering HER GREAT AWAKENING, and merging into the Light itself. Mother Mary is the catalyst that brings forth the Celestial Rose Consciousness. This magnificent frequency streams from Mother Mary and the Universal Mother.  


There is no more of different archetypes, nor different Goddesses, no we are now transitioning directly into the Light, and the true essence and frequency of the Goddess. The Celestial Rose Consciousness IS the NEW Divine Feminine Light and Essence. It is divine light direct from Source Light, and it is now coming forth from Andromeda where it has been protected for eons of time. 


A genuine and true

embodiment journey

Now the truth is revealed and guiding us into a whole new reality and into our Divine Feminine Sovereignty. With the new higher timelines comes totally new divine feminine light codes for us to receive and awaken, and also to anchor and integrate into our bodies. These new codes and the true feminine wisdom are available for us now as the awakened wisdom of the Sophia Feminine Christ Consciousness and the template of the Restored Divine Feminine are completely anchored. 


Together with many high evolved beings of light we are bringing in totally new healing modalities and techniques to bring your embodiment and expanding awareness into into 5D sovereignty freedom. We will be holding space for you during a 7 week journey and offer many of these new codes and frequencies of the restored divine feminine template into a genuine and true embodiment of divine feminine ascension and enlightenment

A Sacred Circle of Sisters

I am inviting you to a into to a path of true embodiment of divine feminine ascension and enlightenment. This course  is more than a course and more a way of living.  

This is a journey for women who are truly ready ta Shine their Greatest Light  and live from a place where love pours out as her Passion, as her Divine Essence and Divine Purpose   

This journey is designed to assist you to stay focused and be supported though this gateway and beyond. The purpose of this journey is to assist you to ascend into your highest vibrational potential and to create a new energetic foundation. This foundation will help you to co-create the best and highest life you are capable of in this moment. 

It is a journey in a sacred circle of sisters that are now called together to expand awareness and to anchor these new codes and frequencies in all their fullness and uniqueness.



It is a guided and supported journey for YOU into Your Divine Feminine GREATEST LIGHT 


I welcome you Sister of the Light 



In Love and Devotion 

Camilla Ma Ra

What is included in this course?

> OPENING CEREMONY - and the start of our journey - 1st June, live or replay


> WEEKLY CONTENT MODULES with Activations, Teachings, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Affirmations, Movements, Yoga and Guided Inner Journeys designed to support and deepen the embodiment process 


> ONLINE SACRED CIRCLES  via Zoom with teaching, meditations, connection, and Q&A time. The Sacred Circles will be recorded for those who did not join. 


> TRANSMISSIONS & ACTIVATIONS -   in your own space  


> CLOSING CEREMONY - live or replay


> TEMPLESPACE - a On-line Forum to share your process with support from Camilla Ma Ra and sisters 


> LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and online content  

What Others say:


”Camilla has my full trust. She instills a strong confidence and radiates an enormous security and awareness that made it possible for me to dare to meet the big darkness I had within. So greatful! Her space I experience as pure and true and she meets everyone in compassion and love. I’m looking forward to continue my spiritual journey through mentorsessions with Camilla.” - Anna

"I love Camilla, she’s one of the most true, authentic loving and caring spiritual wayshowers/teachers that I’ve encountered. Her teachings are a combination of different modalities, ancient sacred knowledge and new technologies based on the new earth Unity consciousness. Her extense knowledge in the divine feminine has provided me with the necessary tools to break free from the matrix, the old programing and become the true Sovereign Divine feminine beautiful soul that I’m, thus enabling me to Love myself, honor myself and to be in Love with life… to return home in total embodiment and prepare me to be divine conduit to be of service of the One." - Lilia Garcia

The Invitation. The Devotion.

The Commitment.

For you who feel the calling...

This path is for you beloved Sister that feels a deep calling to walk the path of Devotion - the Divine Feminine - and want to immerse yourself into a deep and powerful journey online. You will receive the full Online program and support from Camilla and sisters in our online temple space. 


You have a deep commitment to your souls growth and want to deepen into selfless service, expanded awareness and devotion.    

Investment € 199 

Fully payment 


with a Payment Plan 

- two installments of € 111  


If only you can see who you truly are ... you will be speechless... You will realize that you don’t ever have to prove yourself to anyone but YOU. You are magnificent... beyond your wildest imaginations..... YES you are THAT!!!!

"I’ve been working with Camilla’s teachings for about six months, have done couple of her courses and many of her activations/ transmissions which have been of great help in my spiritual journey. I highly recommend Camila’s teachings, she provides you with the knowledge to Become whole, complete, in divine Unisom … your Limitless Version of Yourself, which,  that for me,  is True divine empowerment." - Lilia Garcia 

It is a journey for the New Earth – the Divine Woman, the modern

leader, the sacred feminine – SHE.

So if you’re ready to accelerate your spiritual growth and join a community of like-minded sisters from all over the planet, dedicated to the Light and being in service to Gaia Terra and Humanity - Welcome sister, come and join us today!

- Camilla Ma Ra


Her Great Awakening

The Restored Divine Feminine 

A 5-week deep Initiation Journey Starts 1/6 2021

"To walk with Camilla and the sisters of the Rose is beyond every teaching and path I have experienced in this lifetime. I get to explore and move trough more layers, limitations and dimensions of me then I knew existed in a supported loving, powerful, feminine, playful and soft way so that I can step in to my full potential and purpose and the full YES to life, love and creation". - Ingrid