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Free Meditation & Áctivation


Recording from Live stream in fb group Walking the Pathless Path

A Divine Feminine Light Code Activation of the New Divine Feminine Consciousness

Welcome Beloved Soul,  

to a meditation and activation that will support your next level of embodiment of the new divine feminine consciousness together with Camilla Ma Ra and friends. 


“The pure feminine embodiment and ascension is here and all of us is here  

to re-store the divine feminine into her fullness”. 

Welcome to receive this transmission beloveds.




Beloved One, 

I am inviting you to a meditation and activation that will focus on expanding into the truth of your soul and manifesting the evolved divine feminine consciousness and her pure awareness to be in selfless service of the One.   


Something very unique is now occurring upon our planet. We are experiencing a great emergence of the human consciousness. HER Great Awakening is roaring into the critical mass and taking everyone to the threshold of absolute transfiguration.  


With the new higher timelines comes totally new divine feminine light codes for us to receive and also to anchor and integrate into our bodies. The awakened wisdom of the new feminine consciousness and the template of the Restored Divine Feminine is now completely anchored. These new light codes activate your dormant DNA and your Higher Heart, so you can expand your love frequency.  

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During this Meditation and Activation - that is encoded with the new light codes, we will: 

  • receive an Initiation of the New Light Codes of the new Divine Feminine and return to Divine Presence within. 

  • opening space for the New Divine Feminine light codes and blueprints. 

  • receive an activation of the new Divine Feminine Template of Joy, Happiness and Abundance. 

  • activate our DNA to return to the original template for the divine feminine and that requires a very balanced masculine and feminine 

  • be activating the light body of the 12/13 chakra system to elevate into spiritual higher aspects 

  • cleaning out a lot of junk and trauma from the DNA 

  • releasing and healing our ancestral lineage that goes back maybe a thousand years 

  • manifest and co-create the new earth around us in joy, happiness and abundance 

  • activating all petals of our sacred hearts 

  • drawing on our own heart, soul and being into a space of absolute peace and divine presence within ourselves 

With the now restored Divine Feminine the Divine Masculine was Re-Birthed, from the Heart of the Goddess, and they merge into One. The healing, clearing and upgradings are now brought forth in totally new models, new modalities and new healing systems.  


Welcome beloved Ones to this Divine Feminine Upgrading and Embodiment into the new Divine Feminine Consciousness.  

What Others say:

"In deep gratitude for your service, Thank You for The Powerful Divine Feminine Transmission beloved Camilla, brothers and sisters. Love and blessings. Coming together in the Christ Consciousness Field of Love all as One. What a beautiful sacred space." - Lilia Garcia

"Dearest Camilla! Thank you for that powerful and wonderful transmission! Words cannot express the shifts and the releases and the quantum effect it had and is continuing to have within all aspects of my being! I experienced some clearing and integration afterwards! This transmission was/is immensely powerful and huge! I am beyond grateful and basking in the radiance! Thank you!" - Thea

I am Camilla

I am hosting this event, and I am grateful of being here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU.


I am here to support you on your journey into Your Souls Mastery.


I can offer you a sacred space for you to expand into your true self, so that you can live an inspired, amazing and abundant Life.

I am dedicated to anchor the New Earth consciousness of Divine Love and to lift the veils of Truth. I am a keeper of the Flame of the Eternal Goddess and holds the White Flame within my soul.


I am a mother of two beautiful children living in Sweden, having an ordinary life with laundry, cooking and home school. I love to play, have adventures and naked swims.


My playground is all over the universe. I am calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for a specific place, code and/or work. I have had the honour to work in Sweden, Northern Norway, Svalbard, Hawaii, Tonga, Moorea, Southern France, Turkey, England and Ireland.

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