Evening Meditation Zoom call ~ 10th March at 8pm CET

Meeting in Presence together with brothers and sisters around the globe.

Welcome beloved,

to this FREE Evening Meditation Zoom Call - 10th March at 8-9 pm CET - to align your self into the New Earth Energies, expand into the frequency of Universal Love and Pure Awareness as Divine Presence. You can join live or watch the replay.

When merging in Divine Presence you will constantly be inspired to create to fulfill your highest desires from a place of unlimited potential. To embody high levels of consciousness we must vibrate in alignment with our Divine Presence. Our Presence express from within in every level of our being and life.

Every second week together with Camilla Ma Ra & Friends

To deepen into Divine Presence is all about integrating greater frequencies of living light into your cells, your mind and your entire energy field. This embodiment process is your initiation to hold more light. As you build your light, you also at the same time expanding awareness and expanding into the higher dimensions, as you exist in them. You begin to expand with the consciousness of the Divine Presence within.


This event is on a Optional Donation Basis. You are asked to share an energy exchange in form of a voluntary donation € 0, 11, 22 or 33 to ensure divine balance.

Thank you!

You will receive a zoom link directly sent to your email when registered.

Welcome beloveds!

In Love

Camilla Ma Ra

"It was wonderful, so softening and restoring my energy fields and physical body as well. I became one with my breath and heartbeat.. i became still on a very deep level..."
"Thank you it was such a beautiful and peaceful space"
"I Love Love Love these meetings!"
"I loved how this meditation helps coming back to the heart, to the connection with the body, the soul and releasing what doesn’t need or want to stay. Very powerful as always "
"Thank you Camilla and all, sisters and brothers for this beautiful field of Love."
"Thank you Camilla for this huge and vast heart space where everything is held and we are remembering our essence of truth and divine love."
"Thank you! I deeply apreciate these meetings and spaces and meditations Its like coming Home for me."
"So honoured, delighted and very grateful for all that you share Camilla. "
"It was a very strong evening meditation for me tonight, thank you Camilla, like raising in consciousness in just this short moment together that at the same time was non-time. And from this place, for the first time feeling a consciousness, a sharp presence… that was just present everywhere. Thank you so much! I love these meetings deeply "

The zoom meeting will be recorded. By attending the meeting you agree that the recording may be published or used in ways that we find appropriate. You might turn off your video if you do not want to appear on screen. If you want to come on screen you have the option to send a private message to the co-host and ask for the recording to be paused during your appearance. A later removal of your appearance is not possible. Thank you.