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at the Heart of the North Sanctuary
2 – 6th August 2022, Sweden

Welcome to

Divine Homecoming

An intimate and exclusive Retreat where you will receive life-changing transformation and actualize a quantum leap forward of your soul. Remember that we are the awakening of a new human potential. Your Master Self has chosen this lifetime to manifest and serve. What you will receive during the retreat is priceless

Welcome beloved beautiful soul 

I am deeply honoured and joyfilled to bring you this invitation of the very first retreat at Heart of the North Sanctuary – The Gateway of the Divine Homecoming.

An exquisite retreat offered as a deep 5 day soul immersion through the Gateway of Divine Homecoming. This is a journey of deep HOME-coming and restoration of Your Divine Blueprint. Your true nature is the radiance of living light. During this retreat you will awaken your radiance and clear the way to fulfill your highest potential for this lifetime.

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Being at the Heart of the North Sanctuary brings rapid elevation of consciousness, yet it is the radiance of Camilla Ma Ra and her graceful divine space and effortless mastery that is the unique experience of yours.  


This retreat is a rare opportunity to work close with Camilla Ma Ra and the exclusive nature of HER retreats is the potent power of the LIVE transmissions, sacred teachings and activations that provides experiences of great illumination of awakening and expansion of consciousness. 


The Gateway of Divine Homecoming is a highly intimate and personalized retreat for the purpose of the greatest personal, world and planetary service. The retreat is a deep intimate joyfilled space with a maximum of 10 amazing like-minded beautiful souls that all are feeling their higher calling to unfold their ultimate true self-expression in manifesting their highest timeline and fully unfolding their master blueprint and highest calling. 

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What you will receive during the Gateway of Divine Homecoming Retreat with Camilla Ma Ra;

✩ Teachings, prayers and meditations

✩ Activations and Transmissions

Healing Sessions

✩ Restoration of Your Divine Blueprint

✩ Clearing the way to fulfill your highest potential for this lifetime

Opening Your Divine Empowerments

✩ Living as Courageous Presence

✩ Dancing, Yoga & Movements

✩ Breath and Stillness

Swims in the Golden Healing Lake

✩ Fire ceremony

✩ Silence to merge, digest and integrate

✩ Hot tub

Ceremony at a sacred site

✩ Magical sunsets and nightly Star Gazing

Laughter and deep connection with other beautiful souls


The Heart of the North Sanctuary in Sweden, is a sacred place for renewal and is a life changing Gateway. A gateway to embrace your true divinity and unify your soul, spirit, mind, heart and body. Here you silence your mind and inspire your soul. The Sanctuary is over-lighted by Divine Masters and holds the most intensive of divine light in the soft loving embrace of Divine Mother. 


Come, come, it is time to experience the ultimate … the rarest of opportunities awaits you…

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Wow! I really want to join you Beloved Ones

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"Camilla is a true way shower by her presence, holding a loving space. The support she gives is in such a soft, feminine, playful, yet so powerful way, giving me a real example of how to live your spirituality to the fullest."


- Suddi

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"Camilla has my full trust. She instills a strong confidence and radiates an enormous security and awareness. So grateful! Her space I experience as pure and true and she meets everyone in compassion and love."

- Anna

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It's crazy. It's crazy value.




ONLY € 2222 when paid in full,

or € 3333 with payment plan (3 x €1111)

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Wow! I really want to join you Beloved Ones

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"Camillas space was somewhat of a revelation for me the first time I experienced it. So soft, loving and utterly safe. During all the time I have spent with Camilla, I have never once felt judged. She is holding a very loving space, as it feels like her natural state. The pureness ofbthe space, intentions and the work feels absolute to me."

- Anders

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DATES: 2-6 August 2022

Arrival on 2nd between 1-3 pm

Departure on 6th between 3-5 pm


PLACE: Heart of the North Sanctuary, Boxnäs, Butbro 321, 612 91 Finspång, Sweden. Closest trainstation is Norrköping, Busstation Finspång and Airport Stockholm Skavsta


ACCOMODATION: You will live intuned with nature and bathe in the grace and beauty of divine mother energy when you stay at the Sanctuary. We offer Double rooms in the house, or single room in Bell Tents or own tent by the lake.


FOOD: 3 delicious vegetarian/fish meals/day


Please note that because of the event and retreat planning process, we are not able to offer refunds. We request and require you to purchase travel insurance so that in the event of a cancellation, you will be eligible for a refund.  

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