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A Field of Unity Consciousness

Camilla Ma Ra is offering a range of different retreats to different places of significance on Earth. She is calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for that specific place, code and/or work.


Joining those retreats is a powerful way of coming together and work together as a huge energy quantum field of unity consciousness and divine love. We come together to evolve all as Love and shift all into Awareness and Divine Presence.


We are holding ourselves as Light and are ready to come together to share, give, inspire, embody and expand in consciousness in all new ways that is opening.


We expand together into Love

On the retreats we are focusing on activating, anchoring, stabilizing, evolving, embodying, opening new consciousness knowledge and co-creating new structures and Ways of the New Earth.


We are all carriers of these codes deep within our DNA and we expand together into love by our devotion of the One, and being in Higher Service to Gaia and Humanity.


Welcome Beloved Ones

Camilla Ma Ra