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Beloved Ones,

It is my joy to invite you into a Master Course of Living Higher Consciousness – Return to Divine Presence, together with me and sister and brothers around the planet. It is a journey into deeper embodiment as Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where God/dess express from within, as the deepest aspects of our Divine Self, as pure awareness.  


With the new higher timelines of the New Earth comes totally new divine light codes and higher consciousness for us to receive and also to anchor and integrate into our bodies. The anchoring of the new template of the Re-stored Feminine and the Re-birthed Masculine have now been completed, and now we are ready to activate and integrate them within our body, heart and soul. 


This Course - Return to Divine Presence - will help and support your ongoing journey into the embodiment of our All-Essence, in unity and divine love. We are called to come into truth and inner knowing that there are already a highest vibrational version of our Self existing. This course is more than a course it is a way of living. 

When we embody our Divine Presence we can Evolve Consciousness together.

- Camilla Ma Ra


We are here not to remember, we are here to embody and expand our conscious awareness and merge ourselves into divine presence. We came for this purpose. 


I am Camilla


I am grateful of being here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU. 

I am here to support you who is ready to fulfill Higher Service on Earth.  

I am here to support you on your journey into Your Souls Mastery.  

I am here to support you to Merge into Higher Consciousness and Return to Your Divine Presence. 


I am here to support you anchoring your Highest Timeline of Unity, Love and Joy.

We are all here together walking the Pathless Path of the One. As you step into the Path, your Path will open. It is not about knowing your path, it is about walking it

What Others say:

"Thank you so very much for your loving peaceful guidance through an amazing magical shift and holy embodyment. Thank you for this rebirth. Feeling brand new. Open to start the new life that is meant for me, the life of a Goddess Thank you for sharing your lovely work." - Anna A

"I cannot tell you how thankful I feel for this work. It feels like Source guided me to reach out to you and open up to these teachings! It is the teaching we need for this time in order to embody the process of Ascension. Thank you from the deepest sinews of my being. There is a powerful feeling of embodiment present now, a connection, a clear, powerful flow of life-force energy and a much more embodied Kundalini flow. Wow... " - E. J.


Return to Divine Presence


5-week course Outline:


Week 1


During this spiral we will deepen into joy from within, a feeling of oneness with all there is. We are opening for our next "universe" as in the New Earth and the new Divine Human as balancing all earthly realms with cosmic and celestial realms. This is our evolutionary journey forward, to align and balance, as within as without. We know that with each tear of pain, releasing another layer, is one step closer to end this cycle of perceived separation. When we see the divine in everyones eyes - the cycle ends. It is only with our open hearts that miracle happens.


Week 2


In this spiral we are deepening into surrender,  truth  and unconditional love, we will activate, open and explore our Hearts and our Womb. We will open our Body as our sacred temple. In the energy of unconditional love we can embrace everything and all. There is no need to fix anything. We will go beyond our personal stories and embrace and release all that is not serving us anymore.​​​​​​ It is a powerful week for you to remember who you are.


Week 3


Welcome to a massive clearing and releasing of slavery and poverty consciousness, to the first memory and imprint of this programming. This clearing, releasing and recalibration is fundamental to be in service of the One. It is a total re-calibration of your whole system.


Week 4


Before you incarnated here on earth you volunteered to do so, you said YES to step down from One-Unified-Heart to enter this physical reality, and be in service of Gaia and humanity. This week will help you to re-member your mission, your gifts and your greatest passion. You will re-unite with your soulstar family so you can walk fully, connected to Source, in your true power, heart-centered and blossoming your passion and uniqeness, deepening into service in grace and ease. 


Week 5


Divine Will is a consciousness behind all creation and is responsible for the unfolding of the "Divine Plan". This is a living field of consciousness that is guiding the evolution of human intelligence. When you call in Divine Will to your life it creates an enormous infusion of divine light and spiritual (Source) energy that awakens and illuminates the consciousness.


We are all here on a sacred mission

The Purpose of this course is to assist you to ascend into your highest vibrational potential and to create a new energetic foundation. This foundation will help you to co-create the best and highest life you are capable of in this moment.


A journey for you that have come to explore how to selflessly serve from the depth of humility assisting others to awaken consciousness. You enter this path in deep gratitude, devotion and committment.

A Sacred Circle of Brothers & Sisters

This course will help you through the intense time and into the full anchoring of the Golden Age timeline, and your ascension timeline.
This course is a powerful way of coming together with brothers and sisters as a huge energy quantum field of unity consciousness and divine love. We come together to evolve all as Love and shift all into Awareness and Divine Presence.

We dare to trust again and start co-creating with new friends, sisters and brothers in a sacred circle where we share, give and receive support, inspire, embody and expand in consciousness in all new ways that are opening.

 We remember and reconnect with the Master Soul that we already are, that long to re-awaken our unique dormant gifts and start share them with and within the world to be in deeper service. 

What is included in the course?

  • OPENING CEREMONY - and the Start of out Journey - 6th June 2021, Live or by Replay

  • WEEKLY CONTENT MODULES with Activations, Teachings, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Affirmations, Movements, Yoga and Guided Inner Journeys designed to support and deepen the embodiment process 


  • ONLINE SACRED CIRCLES  via Zoom with teaching, meditations, connection, and Q&A time. The Sacred Circles will be recorded for those who did not join. 


  • TRANSMISSIONS & ACTIVATIONS -   in your own space  


  • CLOSING CEREMONY - live or replay


  • TEMPLESPACE - a On-line Forum to share your process with support from Camilla Ma Ra and the circle 


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and online content  


What Others say:

”Camilla has my full trust. She instills a strong confidence and radiates an enormous security and awareness that made it possible for me to dare to meet the big darkness I had within. So greatful! Her space I experience as pure and true and she meets everyone in compassion and love. I’m looking forward to continue my spiritual journey through mentorsessions with Camilla.” - Anna H

"I love Camilla, she’s one of the most true, authentic loving and caring spiritual wayshowers/teachers that I’ve encountered. Her teachings are a combination of different modalities, ancient sacred knowledge and new technologies based on the new earth Unity consciousness. Her extense knowledge in the divine feminine has provided me with the necessary tools to break free from the matrix, the old programing and become the true Sovereign Divine feminine beautiful soul that I’m, thus enabling me to Love myself, honor myself and to be in Love with life… to return home in total embodiment and prepare me to be divine conduit to be of service of the One." - Lilia Garcia


We are all Awakening two times. The first time is what most people call the "awakening", and where you see and understand there is something more, bigger, more meaningful way of living, and when you open your eyes to truth, and to the limiting beliefs you have been living from.

What you will receive during the journey:

  • Initiation of the New Light Codes of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine that are now available after the Restored Feminine and Re-birthed Masculine templates are fully anchored.

  • Initiation into Oneness and Divine Presence - level of Consciousness.

  • Releasing and healing your ancestral lineage that goes back maybe a thousand years and cleaning out a lot of junk and trauma from the DNA.

  • Healing ancient wounds such as fear, feeling of unworthiness, old programming, wounds and trauma from ancient times. The effects of those wounds are a difficulty of showing yourself fully, speaking up and sharing your beautiful gifts within the world and living your soul mission.

  • Manifesting and co-creating the new earth around you in joy, happiness and abundance

  • Embodying our heart, soul and being in that space of absolute peace and divine presence within ourselves

  • Expand into the embodiment of Your Greater Self and the divine being you truly are.

  • Living Your Souls Purpose every day

Welcome to take your seat in our circle beloveds.

Investment € 199 

Fully payment 


with a Payment Plan 

- two installments of € 133  



"Camillas space was somewhat of a revelation for me the first time I experienced it. So soft, loving and utterly safe. During all the time I have spent with Camilla, I have never once felt judged. She is holding a very loving space, as it feels like her natural state. The pureness of the space, intentions and the work feels absolute to me. Camilla is a true servant of True Love and Mother Father God. Simultaneously joy and laughter is a big part of everything. Yes the work is as deep as it comes and at the same time enjoying oneself is equally important. I would so deeply invite all to join and have a personal experience of the space Camilla holds. Perhaps especially the men and brothers who are longing for a new perspective and a homecoming." - Anders A

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