Welcome beloved. These powerful healing sessions are for you that want to work deeper together with me - in a safe space and in One-on-One session. Sessions are in Private Zoom-Room. Schedule Your Session below!


I greet you beloved. I am honoured to walk together with you.

In Love and Grace


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One-On-One: Higher Healing Session with Camilla Ma Ra

Welcome beloved to a session for higher healing, living higher consciousness and manifesting your soul purpose and divine mission.


This service can include...

⋆ energy healing

⋆ soul retrieval

⋆ past-life resolution

⋆ old programming releasing

⋆ energy field cleansing

⋆ trauma healing

⋆ womb healing

⋆ releasing self-doubt

⋆ soul contract releasing

⋆ soul blueprint activation

⋆ heart activations

⋆ DNA upgrading

⋆ activate your abundance and creator light codes

⋆ manifesting your highest potential

The session is between 60-90 minutes in a private Zoom room.


1 session // 1-1,5 hour // €255

Advanced Clearing Transmission & Higher Sexual Energy Healing Session

Welcome beloved, to a One-One Advanced Higher Sexual Healing Session with Camilla Ma Ra.

This session is a deep and powerful healing session - in a safe space. We work with sexual healing to dissolve distorted feminine sexuality, reversed kundalini, false Hieros Gamos and reversed sexual, shakti and kundalini energy.

The session includes a restoration of your feminine soul and energy, and a realignment of all your body parts, genetics, entire DNA template and consciousness signature.

Im looking forward to work deeper together - in a safe space and sacred session - with higher sexual energy healing - to restore your sacred sexuality and deepen your divine embodiment.

The session is between 75-110 minutes in a private Zoom room.


1 session // 1,5-2 hours // €333